The Blog September 22, 2010

The War Chicken Cometh

Today, the new kid on the block, DC Entertainment, announced that the old kid on the block, Wildstorm, will be closing.  I am told this will not affect Ides of Blood and we will get to finish our six-issue run.  In the meantime, I scavenged this post from Wildstorm’s blog.

Ides of Blood #5 – most metal comic book cover of the year?
Thursday, September 16th, 2010

By Austin Trunick

Please pause a moment, if you will. I want to take a moment and admire just how metal this cover is. Check out the sizes of that axe and hammer. Scope that dude’s beard an pony tail. The vampire lady on the right is just covered in tattoos. I’d put money on that wolf being possessed. In the background a man appears to have been crucified and set on fire. I’m not sure yet why there’s a chicken on a chain, but my guess is that it’s some sort of war chicken and it’s readying for battle.