The Blog October 23, 2011

More comics about dinosaurs

The blog’s recent trend away from reporting on my legitimate writing endeavors and towards things involving dinosaurs can be attributed to three key factors: 1 – Dinosaurs are awesome, 2 – My wife is currently taking an art class, so we have all this art stuff lying around and 3 – DINOSAURS ARE AWESOME.

Thus, despite having no particular talent or genetic predisposition, I’ve occasionally been using the pen for pictures instead of words as a way to relax when I’m not writing movies or TV pilots or comics for real artists to work on.  I used to draw comics in high school when I was bored during class, and I figured now that I’ve actually written some comics that got made, it might be interesting to try and draw some pictures, too.  Perhaps I will come to a better understanding of the artist’s plight in this world.  Soon, you may find me wandering down the street screaming at my own reflection in the window of a Norwegian clothing boutique as I curse myself for ruining my beautiful art with all my stupid, ugly words.