The Blog June 5, 2012

Long time, no update

Here I am in the midst of a two-month San Francisco sabbatical.  I’ve been waking up at normal human time and doing normal human things like walking places in the daytime.  I’ve never been one of those writers that frequents coffee shops to work, but without my home office, I feel like Barton Fink when I’m stuck writing in the hotel room–which isn’t nearly as awesome as it sounds.

There’s a place on Jones and Sutter called Cafe Bean that has become my morning haunt.  Writing in coffee shops is much less anathema when you’re not in L.A. surrounded by a dozen other screenwriters.  The coffee shop owner, Chester, actually asked me if I was writing a thesis.  Does anyone in L.A. write theses that aren’t in script format?  Not that I’m trying to hate on my people.

Though film is less of a pervasive part of life here, good coffee and pinball seem to be in higher demand.  As for transportation, I’ve only driven a car once since I got here.  I didn’t miss it.

Two notable excursions–there is a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit that is undoubtedly the best museum exhibition I’ve ever seen.  And I went to a drag show at a bar called Aunt Charlie’s in the Tenderloin.

High art and low art.

In any case, here is the cover of a 10-page short comic I wrote for an upcoming Graveslinger anthology that my old Ides of Blood editor, Shannon Eric Denton is putting together.  I don’t know when it’s coming out, but sometime in the future.

And while we’re talking about things with no projected release date, here is a colored page sample from the Bushido .44 one-shot, which I assure you, continues to forge ahead, despite the ghost of Tokugawa Ieyasu’s fiendish attempts to undermine its publication.