The Blog September 15, 2010

Issue 2 out now + Wildstorm Addiction Interview

Ides of Blood #2 hits shelves today.  All your burning questions will get infected and need to be lanced by a doctor of dubious reputation.  Is Ione the Pluto’s Kiss Killer?  Will Valens beware the Ides of March?  Will Antony say something misogynistic?  How did Romans heat their homes in the winter? 

The second issue is when we really need your support to keep Ides going strong, so as always, buy Buy BUY!  If a dog gets in your way, kick it into the street.  If a baby blocks your path, shoot it in the face.  If a twitchy-eyed hobo in blackface that smells of Peppermint Schnapps asks you for some change, say, “Go get a job, you chaff of society!  I’m saving my money for Ides of Blood!”  (Be sure and include the italics.  Hobos are confused and terrified by italics.)

Also, those plebian ne’er-do-wells at Wildstorm Addiction have posted a podcast interview I did with them earlier this month.  Click and listen to me wax fooliquent about comics and movies and things.