The Blog November 17, 2010

Ides of Blood #4 on sale today!

 The fourth issue of Ides of Blood is now on sale.  Here are some of the things people have been saying about the series.

“This comic is kicking major @$$!!!”
-Wildstorm Addiction
-Lost in Reviews
-Comic Revolution
“Sheer audacity”
-Ain’t It Cool News
 “A great read!”
-Lost Man
-Graphic Policy
“Rating: 10/10”
-Comic Book Bin
“A thrilling mystery encompassing politics, scandal and murder.”
“I would have never thought I would be even reading Ides of Blood, let alone loving it.”

“One of the best vampire comics that has come out lately. Hands down better than Curse of the Mutant.”
-Lost Man
 “Topped off with great writing and gorgeous art, this is a series that shouldn’t be ignored even if you’ve exhausted your taste for vampire stories.”
-Comic Revolution
 “It’s an intelligent story that meets all the requirements of a superb graphic novel/sequential art offering.”
-Comic Book Bin
“If I had to pick a portion of the comic that could have been better, it simply could have been longer.”
-Platform Nation
“There’s a new comic that’s making waves in the comic book world – and that comic would be Ides of Blood.”
“Mr. Paul, you have so uncuted the pouty emoness of star quality vampirism.”
-Thousand Faced