The Blog October 5, 2010

Ides of Blood #2 Podcast Review

A very gratifying review from the Wildstorm Addiction guys.  There was a bit of confusion regarding a few characters.  I’d hoped to rectify it in the lettering by having characters address one another by name, but simply did not have the opportunity to do so before the issue went to press.  I hope to fix it for the TPB.

I particularly appreciate them defending Valens’s violence against women.  For the record, Valens slapping Octavia juxtaposed with Antony performing the same action reflects how Valens has lowered himself to Antony’s level.  Sometimes when you’re a vampyre who’s been framed for the murder of your boss in Ancient Rome and your ex-girlfriend calls you nasty names, you do politically incorrect things.

Plus the ho was asking for it.