The Blog October 3, 2012

Digital vs. 35mm – Round 1

On Monday, my DP and I shot some test footage for a short film I wrote and am directing.  The contenders are the Arri Alexa vs. Red Epic vs. 35mm Kodak on an Arricam LT.

Will modern digital win for its instant gratification or film for its tried-and-true dependability and organic resolution?

Let the multi-format mud wrestling begin!

This 35mm Motion Picture Film was unearthed along with assortment of Arignacian stone tools at an archeological dig outside Lascaux.

“Why nobody come play with me anymore?”
You want resolution?  You can’t handle this resolution!

Arricam’s younger,  sluttier sister.
Looks sexy, but secretly wrestles with a weight problem.
Also kind of racist.