The Blog October 4, 2015

Blu-rays and DVDs Coming Soon!

The all-knowing entity which we refer to as Facebook recently informed me that it was 3 years to the day that I shot the first test footage for The Lord Of Catan.  The length of time I’d been working on this 13 minute film wasn’t really surprising.  I was already well aware that films take forever to finish.  However, it was still a dizzying realization that this project has been part of my life for the past 3+ years.  It has been an incredible, enlightening and expensive journey to go from a writer who hadn’t picked up a camera in 8 years to a… guy who made a short film.  Because the world doesn’t have enough of those.  Seriously, Sundance gets like 12,000 short film submissions a year.  People don’t dream of writing the great American novel anymore.  It’s easier to shoot a movie on your iPhone.  But that’s a discussion for another time.

The point of this post is mainly just to begin getting back into the habit of posting to my blog.  As of this writing, we are nearly done mailing Blu-ray and DVD rewards to Kickstarter backers.  And by we, I basically mean my awesome wife who inspired the short film and is now almost single-handedly tackling the monumental task of shipping the discs.  Once all the discs are shipped, I will open an online store to make the physical discs available to the general public.


You can already buy the movie digitally, but for those of you who want to watch the movie with the best possible picture quality, in lossless Dolby SDH 5.1 Surround Sound, the physical media is the way to go.  I own Interstellar on digital and Blu-Ray.  Because Interstellar is awesome.  Aside from the discs being my preferred way to view the film, they contain Special Features that won’t be available digitally such as: Fran Kranz film commentary, 3 disc-exclusive commentaries on the Behind-the-Scenes Featurettes, the Original Soundtrack by K.C. Daugirdas, Acker Style music video and probably the most special of Special Features: Rehearsal Footage with Amy Acker and Fran Kranz.

Stay tuned and join the mailing list to be alerted when the discs go on sale.

With the chapter on Catan soon closing, I’ve got some INSANE projects coming up, and I’ll be posting footage and stills of new projects in the works such as my hallucinogenic GoPro Samurai film, MONKEY VS. DEMON, a blood-soaked action extravaganza reimagining the legend of Anastasia through the lens of what has become one of the most widespread rites of passage in the western hemisphere, and a new photography series that make cinephiles and cat lovers buttsplode with joy.