The Blog August 23, 2010

Mexico says Ides de Sangre es el comic de la semana!

  • Hey buddy, it says something like this:

    “I honestly have no idea of who Stuart C. Paul and Christian Duce are, I don’t know if they’ve done any comic/graphic novel before. But I must say that if Ides Of Blood is their first comic, they’ve started off in an spectacular way.

    Ides of Blood is a vampire story. Yes. Another one. But Paul and Duce manage to do something wonderful for the reader to see. For the people used to TV series, think of a HBO’s Rome plus True Blood minus Twilight. And it works pretty well…”

    “In my opinion, Stuart C. Paul centers his work in the historic foundation, depicting ancient Rome in every word, reflecting (perfectly) in every dialogue how the roman society would react when supernatural events (such as the ones portrayed in the comic) start to surface. In any moment (Stuart) looses his focus by trying to impress the reader in a premature way. But to be honest, part of that realism and development is due to Duce and Badilla…”


  • Stu

    Thanks, man! I tried to translate it online, but yours is much better!