The Blog January 30, 2011

Bushido .44 Samples

Here are some samples that Christian Duce drew and my wife lettered for a new alternate-history neo-samurai spaghetti-western hybrid comic that I’m looking to get off the ground.

  • That burger looks like something from Man vs. Food. I’m hungry.

  • Where can I get a set of nunchuck-volvers? Nevermind, I would probably hurt myself. My unsolicited critique: name the Blue Gaijin HYAK.

  • Stu

    Is this Michael Ettenger?

  • No doubt! Sooo proud of your work. I picked up Ides of Blood the other day… refreshing like a cool glass of Cheerwine.

  • Stu

    Thanks, man. I really appreciate it. We should catch up sometime.